batteries compliance

Is your company compliant with the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations?

Does it apply to you?

You manufacture, import or distribute
portable, industrial or automotive batteries
You may be obligated
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What category is your business?

Three classifications of businesses are affected by the batteries regulations: small producer, large producer and distributor. Each classification has specific requirements that we can help with, including registration, reporting and battery collections. Find out more below.

You are a small or a large producer

if you manufacture or import less than one tonne (small producer) or more than a tonne (large producer) on the market annually.
  • You must register with the Environment Agency
  • You must report the weight of batteries you have placed onto the UK market
  • Large producers must finance the collections, treatment and recycling of batteries, proportionate to UK recycling targets

You are a distributor

if you sell more than 32kg of portable batteries to end users a year.
  • You must make provision for the collection of waste portable batteries at no charge
  • You must inform end users of take back service at point of sale

Are your obligations making an impact?

Together with our members we help to improve UK recycling infrastructure, support new innovation, raise public awareness and increase collection rates. What impact could we make together?
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What if I'm not compliant?

Failure to meet this legal obligation may result in prosecution and fines.
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We can help you. Ignorance of the regulations is not accepted as a defence and previous years’ non-compliance can be counted in enforcement actions. Don’t worry, no matter how large the undertaking, we can assist and guide you every step of the way to ensure your organisation is no longer in breach of the regulations.

Data management

We can support your business to collect, calculate and record your data accurately.
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Audit preparation and support

If you are audited by the Environment Agency, we can prepare a presentation for audit and can even assist with leading the audit for your company.

Battery collections

By partnering with local contractors and national operators, we provide whole UK coverage for the collection of batteries with a quick turnaround, built on established operations and years of experience.
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In October 2017 Ecosurety and Hubbub run a consumer awareness campaign like no other, to raise the volume of battery recycling all the way up to 11!
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UK battery recycling plant

Through a key partnership we are working hard to establish the UK’s first battery recycling plant.
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Representing our members' interests

With dedicated lobbying, proactive support and industry-focused expertise, we work hard to ensure our compliance schemes deliver much more than just value for money to our members.
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“It’s fair to say that Renault’s battery compliance obligations are more complex than most as we deal with the full range of industrial, automotive and portable types. Thankfully being compliant is not a headache, because Ecosurety always provide us with the level of detail and support we require.”

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Our 2017 impact report shows where we have invested to improve quality UK recycling on behalf of our members, and the benefits and learnings that have occurred as a result.
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