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Is your company compliant with WEEE, batteries and packaging regulations outside of the UK?

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What you need to know

Simply offering items for sale to countries outside of the UK can mean you are obligated abroad. With each country interpreting the law differently, it can be a complicated process.
  • The UK producer responsibility legislation for WEEE, batteries and packaging originates from EU directives
  • Similar legislation exists across all European countries, but the rules and systems differ widely
  • You may have to register, report and finance waste take back in these countries

What if I'm not compliant?

Failure to comply with overseas regulations could lead to expensive fines or trade sanctions, as well as damage to your company’s reputation.

Initial compliance review

Whether you already sell abroad or are just starting to think about it, we can help you with the process. Following an in-depth questionnaire we investigate your obligations in other European countries and will give you detailed advice and recommendations for your overseas compliance.

Compliance guides

We offer detailed and easy-to-use guides, setting out the legislative requirements for WEEE, batteries and packaging regulations in each EU country. This includes information on labelling your products as well as tools to register and report data yourself to ensure compliance.

Impact assessment

This includes a detailed analysis of your supply chain and trade channels with scoping of your products. We also check your registrations overseas with the relevant authorities. Then we prepare an action plan to help you rectify areas of non-compliance. We finally forecast potential compliance costs to help you with budgeting.

Full compliance support

We can provide full support and guidance for your international compliance, coordinating your registrations overseas with one point of contact. We also advise you on collating data for submissions to comply with different scoping requirements and deadlines. We facilitate membership with overseas schemes (where applicable) and manage your data submissions for you. And finally we ensure your registrations and data submissions are kept up to date each year in each country.

Green dot license

We can provide you with the green dot license for trademark use on packaging in the EU.
"Last summer, we discovered that we met the producer thresholds under the Irish Packaging Regulations. Already offering us a great service for our UK compliance, Ecosurety were able to help us become compliant in Ireland from start to finish." Paul Thomas Energy and Environment Manager, SuperGroup plc

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