packaging compliance

Is your company compliant with the Producer Responsibility Regulations?

Does it apply to you?

You handle over 50 tonnes of packaging a year
Your annual turnover is over £2M
You may be obligated
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What you need to do

If you meet the threshold above, you are classed as a producer and you have a certain number of obligations. It can seem a little daunting, but this is where we come in - working together we can take care of all this for you, saving time, money and energy.
  • Register with the appropriate environment agency annually, by 7 April
  • Collect and submit data about your packaging, as accurately as possible
  • Calculate your obligation tonnage
  • Source appropriate Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) to match your obligation
  • Provide a certificate of compliance

Are your obligations making an impact?

Together with our members we help to improve UK recycling infrastructure, support new innovation, raise public awareness and increase collection rates. What impact could we make together?
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What if I'm not compliant?

Failure to meet this legal obligation could result in prosecution and fines. We can help your company avoid risks of prosecution.
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Get the best out of your PRNs

We offer total transparency on pricing and market fluctuations in order to secure the best PRN prices.
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Data management

We can support your business to collect, calculate and record your data accurately.
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Green dot license

We provide you with the green dot license for trademark use on packaging in the UK. And it's free of charge for our members.

Audit preparation and support

If you are audited by the Environment Agency, we can help prepare for audit and can even attend and assist on behalf of your company.

Representing our members' interests

With dedicated lobbying, proactive support and industry-focused expertise, we work hard to ensure our compliance schemes deliver much more than just value for money to our members.
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"We wouldn't be where we are today without the help of lots of different people, including the team at Ecosurety. Right from the beginning, being a sustainable business has been important to us, and packaging plays a big part. We want our packaging to have the lowest possible impact on the world around us, and we want as many of our bottles, cartons, pots and boxes to be recycled. Ecosurety have been brilliant at ensuring we fill in all the right forms and meet all the right requirements. We couldn't have done it without them!" Graham Fox Photo Graham Fox Packaging operations manager, Innocent drinks

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Our 2017 impact report shows where we have invested to improve quality UK recycling on behalf of our members, and the benefits and learnings that have occurred as a result.
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