recycling evidence

We supply quality recycling evidence to offset your packaging, WEEE and batteries obligations

We focus on quality and transparency

We value partnerships with ethical and reputable suppliers over quick, short-term price deals. We have built a core network of suppliers over the years who we maintain strong relationships with, not only to help them maximise the efficiency of their business, but to realise the best outcome for UK recycling and our members.

We source from the UK first

As a first choice, we favour working with UK recyclers because it’s the right thing to do. It reduces the carbon footprint, it’s traceable, and it supports the economy - we are committed to increase our usage of UK evidence into the future. When required to do so, we use trusted suppliers abroad, to minimise the environmental impact as much as possible and ensure the people we work with follow our code of conduct.

And we pledge to increase our UK PRN purchasing by 5% every year

We are committed to support and invest in UK recycling infrastructure and innovation, to increase domestic recycling capabilities and reduce the amount of waste that needs to be exported for treatment.
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In 2017 50% of our packaging recycling evidence came from UK suppliers. A huge amount of work has been undertaken in 2017, and continues today, to develop relationships with UK recyclers in order to support domestic recycling infrastructure and reduce our reliance on export PRNs. Our ambitions are not without significant challenge however.

As the size of our scheme grows our commitment to UK recycling evidence will become more difficult to implement as there is currently not enough capacity to reprocess all of our waste domestically (see our news story Not enough plastic recycling plants in the UK).

Coupled with investment in UK infrastructure, this commitment will prevent hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste from being exported. This will not only allow more transparency of waste treatment, the environmental impact reduction is significant also. Assuming it would otherwise be exported to China, the CO2 savings from transportation alone are huge.


*Assuming waste is shipped from UK to Hong Kong by container ship.
C02 calculation: https://www.ecta.com/resources/Documents/Best%20Practices%20Guidelines/guideline_for_measuring_and_managing_co2.pdf

Circularety - from product to ethos

Back in September 2016 we launched a new product to industry that could transform the PRN market and the UK's recycling performance. We called it Circularety. A new web-platform to enable greater transparency of PRN investment, it would ensure that producers' substantial packaging obligations really would improve recycling infrastructure and performance.
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Fast forward to today and the hot topic of single-use packaging and producer responsibility have been thrust well and truly into the public consciousness. The government are assessing the need for reform and industry groups are lobbying for a raft of conflicting changes to legislation. 

The truth is that when it came to it, the market wasn't quite ready for the product we launched in 2016 - but it really doesn't matter. Crucially we have shown that compliance should not be viewed as little more than a tax with no tangible benefit.

Producers are now demanding full transparency of their PRN investment and reassurance that it is actually benefiting UK recycling.

And the concept of Circularety lives on. Indeed it has very much become our ethos and thankfully the wider industry knows it must now change, which is why we continue to actively work with industry stakeholders who can help drive positive change forward.

Funding school recycling workshops with PRNs

Crown Packaging are a valued member of Ecosurety who work hard to lower their impact on the environment. As part of their commitment to environmental performance, Crown worked with Ecosurety to invest a proportion of their PRN spend into education workshops with a local school.
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Plastic recycling centre created thanks to PRN investment

Plastic Expert is a plastic recycling company we buy PRNs from. When they told us they wanted to open a new site to recycle more plastics, we decided to help them.
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What impact can your recycling evidence make?

As the examples above prove, there is great potential to transparently make an impact on recycling through direct investment in specific projects. Talk to us today if you are a producer or recycler looking to identify opportunities with your evidence.
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Evidence costs analysis

We can calculate the true costs of sales by analysing how much your evidence cost per product per supplier. If you are a retailer, it can help you to identify which products cost you the most in evidence to help you to make informed decisions. If you are a producer, we can help you to identify which steps of your supply chain producer responsibility is hitting you hardest, and potentially identify areas of cost reductions.

Procurement for direct registrants

You may have chosen to register with the Environment Agency (EA) directly. In this case, we can still help you to procure your PRNs, operating on a consultative basis only. Contact us now to discover the benefits of working with us.
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“Working with Ecosurety provides that peace of mind that we are going the extra mile to recycle our products, but also that our investment inside the waste and recycling industry will be as transparent as possible as the PRN system evolves and improves.” Michelle Norman Photo Michelle Norman External Affairs and Sustainability Director, Lucozade Ribena Suntory