plastic recycling centre

We helped a plastic recycling company to open a new site with PRN funding

Recycling rigid plastics into flower pots

Plastic Expert is a plastic recycling company with a real passion for diverting plastic scrap from landfill. They collect and sort rigid plastics that are then recycled into flower pots or other household items. A couple of years ago they told us they wanted to open a new recycling centre in Gosport, Hampshire. We decided to help them.

A key partnership

To support the great work of Plastic Expert, we agreed to purchase all their PRNs on behalf of our members who had obligations in plastic. The revenue generated by these PRNs has now been fully invested in the new plastic recycling centre.

A new plastic recycling centre is born

Thanks to our PRN investment Plastic Expert has created 6 new jobs, and has invested in thousands of pounds worth of new equipment that enable them to process an additional amount of 1,500 tonnes of plastic per year. They have also been able to purchase waste collection and transportation vehicles to develop markets for packaging waste in three counties.
"All the PRN money that Plastic Expert generated back in 2014 and 2015 was used to open a recycling centre. We employed local people, we bought equipment, and that's a great success story for us" Kevin Basham Photo Kevin Basham Co-founder and development director, Plastic Expert Ltd

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